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Instructions for first time users

Obscene material will not be tolerated.  Let's keep it clean! 

Posting images can be done in 2 ways:

upload an attachment - only registered users can view attachments (images, videos, etc) and members must click a link to view the attachment .  Guests can view attachments in the "Classifieds" section.  This method works best if you want to upload a file directly from your computer to the forum.  Size limits of attachments are 2Mb.  If the file size limit becomes a problem I will increase the file size limit.  Most files are supported for uploading and downloading.  For large videos it is recommended that you first post the video to some video hosting site ( and then provide a link to that video from your message.  Uploading copyrighted material is prohibited.

the [img] tag - embedds the picture directly into your message.  You must fist upload your file to Photobucket ( and then copy the code from the "img code" box.  Then, paste the code directly into your message.  Photobucket is probably the easiest method to add a picture.  However, an image can be embedded from any other website.

If you have and questions, problems or suggestions feel free to email me at




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