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#1 2008-12-29 06:08:24 am

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logan martin sat report

fished sat from lakeside to the dam. water was 51 degrees and muddy. vis less than a few inches. except in clear creek where clarity was better.

i managed 3 fish and partner had 2 or 3. very tough. he got his on jig and i had 2 on hula grub and 1 on crankbaiut. lost a good one on a trap. was a fish here or there never more than 1 anywhere. fished shallow to deep and points,docks,rush and rock.



#2 2008-12-29 06:15:03 pm

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Re: logan martin sat report

I was there the other day for about 3 hours only managed 2 both on a shad rap 1 on crawdad and the other on one I painted.  Had one slap a jerkbait and a couple bite a worm and had one other bite on the shad rap.  Water was stained and just couldn't get anything figured out.  All of my bites came around rock.



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