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#1 2012-03-11 06:17:53 am

Registered: 2011-03-22
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03/10/12 Report

Mixed results today. Junk fished my way for 10 hrs around every crappie fisherman in Calhoun County. Best bite for me came late afternoon around rocks w/squarebills and laydowns w/spinnerbaits. Got a chance to try out my new RC cranking rods, and I'm back to believing in the old school fiberglass. Did try the new fancy, HOT-NEW-BAIT everybody is screaming about, and really wasn't impressed. Guess I gotta go to G-ville for a real test before I make a final call on it. Looks like the warm winter didn't clean out the grass as much as I had hoped. Sill a lot of tall, dead clumps around. Ran into a fellow Hoosier today spending some quality time with his daughter. Come to find out we grew up about 15 minutes from each other...SMALL WORLD ???



#2 2012-03-13 07:35:45 am

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Re: 03/10/12 Report

it is a small world.  Thanks for the report.  I have been fishing is smaller lakes this year and have found the grass still around also.  Water temp was still a little cool.  Fish were moving up on the lay downs and treetops.



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